eShopping – What’s coming next – right here

The future of web shopping

Is this the future of web shopping? Imagine your customers being able to view your online products, in 3D. Then imagine that they could actually customise them as well. Changing the design (within your supply/manufacturing capability of course) changing colours –even adding their own text or photo to a product Continue reading

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Business process management – and don’t order the chef’s special

I have really enjoyed teaching my current undergraduate class at Sheffield Hallam University business school.   They are smart, eager to learn, and have managed to keep me on my toes.   

Not least when we analysed my son’s 8th birthday meal in one of our seminars.   The resteraunt was high in the French Alps in Val Thorens during our annual family skiing holiday, and clearly the place to eat.  Continue reading

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for digital evangalists everywhere

A christmas smile for digital evangalists everywhere. I cannot take any credit for this whatsoever. But I found it on Youtube and thought it worth sharing. a digital xmas message

merry xmas everyone

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iPhone 4 wont send emails? here is a fix

iPhone wont send email?

I have just acquired a new iphone 4 – which is a decision i made but put off a long time ago because I really didnt have the stomach for the inevitable phone faff that seems to happen whenever I try to change/upgrade/move my phone.  However a careless moment and gravity made the decision for me. Continue reading

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Who needs a project manager anyway? (II)

My last post  ‘who needs a project manager anyway?’ prompted a couple of emails relating similar examples of things not quite working out as intended – including one from Phil – an ex collegue and IT project manager at a very large Pharmaceautical organisation,  who sent me the photo below.  Continue reading

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Who needs a project manager anyway?

So who needs a project manager? I was putting an ‘introduction to project management’ workshop together, and I wanted a quick and easy – and visually impacting – (and tongue in cheek) way of illustrating the benefits of project management.

Continue reading

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is Offshore development for you?

Is offshore software development suitable for your organisation?

‘Offshoring’ is the term given to the practice of getting your software development work done overseas where the costs of a developer are a fraction – in some cases 10%, of what they cost in the UK.   

The practice – if done correctly – can bring massive business benefits.  There is potentially 24 hour support. Report a problem as you leave the office for the night and get a hot fix waiting in your inbox in the morning.  Not to mention the cost savings too.   But such benefits don’t come without a price – or more accurately – a management overhead.   Continue reading

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running away from a mid-life crisis

In 2004 I suddenly decided to re-awake my long dormant running career and I ran the London marathon for the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow trust (ANBMT). I ran it in 4:10, raising £1500 – and I got a massage and rubdown from a beautiful young charity worker for the ANBMT when I crossed the finish line for my troubles.

I was invited to write about the experience (of the race – not the massage)  and the impact the decision to run had on my life afterwards. The article I wrote is below. I dedicate it to all men of a certain age…..

Running away from a midlife crisis

What is it about 42 anyway? According to Douglas Adams in ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’, it is the answer to the ultimate question. To me it meant the wrinkly face of a tired overworked under-exercised middle management executive looking back at me from the mirror through my post-birthday hangover, and wondering where the last ten years suddenly went. Continue reading

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welcome to my blog… what follows I hope will be a mix of work and non work related ramblings and braindumps. Hopefully some of it will be of interest to some. Perhaps I will even stir some debate and feedback. Feel free to make use of the comments. Steve.

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