is Offshore development for you?

Is offshore software development suitable for your organisation?

‘Offshoring’ is the term given to the practice of getting your software development work done overseas where the costs of a developer are a fraction – in some cases 10%, of what they cost in the UK.   

The practice – if done correctly – can bring massive business benefits.  There is potentially 24 hour support. Report a problem as you leave the office for the night and get a hot fix waiting in your inbox in the morning.  Not to mention the cost savings too.   But such benefits don’t come without a price – or more accurately – a management overhead.   Get this wrong and potentially an organisation can waste time and money pursuing their software and trying to get a failing project back on track, whilst the market – and their competitors – steam ahead.

Lack of preparation before the start of the project can lead to

  • software that doesn’t meet the business need,
  • software that doesn’t integrate properly with its intended new stable mates
  • software that may be more expensive and take longer to correct than doing it inhouse would have in the first place  

Correctly engage with an offshore development company and the benefits will include:

  • cheaper software
  •  a very large flexible technical workforce available on demand (and therefore not constantly on the payroll
  •  24 hour support and coverage. 

I discuss this in detail,  going into what can go wrong if the engagement model is not correct – and I propose an engagement model for taking on offshore development successfully.  I also suggest a potential strategic model to mix offshore and internal development for maximum effect and benefit within a busy software house. 

The whitepaper can be downloaded from

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