iPhone 4 wont send emails? here is a fix

iPhone wont send email?

I have just acquired a new iphone 4 – which is a decision i made but put off a long time ago because I really didnt have the stomach for the inevitable phone faff that seems to happen whenever I try to change/upgrade/move my phone.  However a careless moment and gravity made the decision for me.

I was pleasantly surprised when the new phone arrived the day it was due,  there was indeed a phone in the box,  and they even remembered to put in the SIM card.  So – when the gods finally revealed themselves and the punishment for changing surfaced, it manifested itself as a flat refusal by the new shiny phone to send emails.  Oh – it would receive them ok,  but despite my deleting the email  account settings and adding them again – at least 75 times….  it still refused to work.  Its sorted now – and I would like to share the solution in case anyone else can benefit from my 2-3 hours of research and phone faffing and save themselves a bit of time.

The problem:  Even though the iPhone SMTP settings are correctly configured,  trying to send emails just generates an error message.  In my case ‘ connection with your email  server cannot be made, please check your outgoing email server settings and network connectivity’ ,  and the emails remain forever in your outbox .

The Cause:  According to Orange’s technical support, it is because some ISP’s wont allow emails to be sent from their email servers that don’t originate on their network.  

Hmmm –sounds reasonable – though I note it used to work with my last phone fine with identical settings.  Spooky then Mr. Apple that my ISP chose the very 36 hours between me dropping my old phone on our very unforgiving quarry tiled kitchen floor and my brand new shiny iPhone 4 arriving to introduce this policy.!!

The Solution:  Reconfigure your SMTP settings to point at a friendly mail server.  Orange provide an alternative server.  If your using Orange network then set your outgoing SMTP mail server to:  “smtp.orange.net “ & port 25.   No doubt other major networks will have also provided an SMTP server – though i haven’t checked.    

You can also open a free email account that supports mail forwarding and use that.   There is a good explanation of how to do this using gmail at http://hintsforums.macworld.com/showthread.php?t=92703

Hopefully someone will find this useful and save a couple of hours. If thats you drop me a quick email and let me know.

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